Our Belief and Approach

A Total Caring Organisation– Sustainable Development

At CASH, we fully understand that our business is built on the long-term well-being of the “people” in our service areas at large. As such, we consciously manage the growth of our business without compromising our environment and our society, as we believe that the sustained health of our environment and our society will in turn support the sustainable growth of our business and vice versa. As a result, CASH is committed to partnering with our key stakeholders to work towards the sustainable development of our business, our environment and our society.

Throughout the course of our business development, we care about the needs of our key stakeholders, inter alia, our shareholders, our employees, our customers, our environment, and our community. As such, we strive to become a “Total Caring Organisation” to embrace the all-round needs of our key stakeholders.

To become a Total Caring Organisation, we are dedicated to:

  • People

    respect and be devoted to fulfilling individual needs            

  • Customers

    anticipate and meet customers' expectations through services from the heart

  • Teamwork

    embrace diversity and cement mutual trust                                    

  • Change

    keep abreast of change and be innovative in order to explore new opportunities.