Social Care
  • InnoESG Prize - ESG Care Prize

    As a Total Caring Organisation, CASH Group was awarded ESG Care Prize in the InnoESG Prize, co-organised by UNESCO HK Glocal Peace Centre and SocietyNext Foundation, proving that the Group’s contribution to ESG has been fully recognised.

  • Sustainable Business Award

    With CFSG and Pricerite Group’s concerted effort in ESG, they gained Sustainable Business Award from World Green Organisation in recognition of the Group’s "People-oriented" principle and "Total Caring" culture.


    With Pricerite’s continuous effort in nurturing talents, it gained the honour of QF Star Employer from the Education Bureau in recognition of its support and contribution to the Qualification Framework.


    Committed to protecting our environment, CASH Group and CASH Algo Finance Group were awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Hong Kong Sustainability Award organised by Hong Kong Management Association in recognition of their excellent performance in sustainability.


    In recognition of our commitment and effort in developing employee-oriented human resources management and promoting Family-friendly Employment Practices, the Group has been recognized as a Signatory of Good Employer Charter under the scheme by the Labour Department.


    Pricerite received the Platinum Award of Charter on External Lighting under Environment Bureau in recognition of its contribution to save the use of energy.


    Having been granted the MD award for 10 consecutive years, CASH Group is acknowledged as “Super MD” by Employees Retraining Board in recognition of its continuous achievements in manpower training and development.

  • OCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards: EcoChallenger

    Committed to protecting our environment, Pricerite was awarded 2016 BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards: EcoChallenger by Federation of Hong Kong Industries in recognition of its effort in environmental protection.

  • Honorary Certificate of Hong Kong Green Mark

    Committed to promoting environment protection, Pricerite was awarded by Hong Kong Environmental Protection Association with the Honorary Certificate of Hong Kong Green Mark, which proves Pricerite’s excellent performance in operating and managing sustainability projects.

  • Social Capital Builder Logo Award

    CFSG received Social Capital Builder Award from Community Investment & Inclusion Fund under the Labour and Welfare Bureau in 2016 in recognition of its contribution to the development of social capital in Hong Kong.

  • CLP GREENPLUS Award – Silver Award

    Pricerite was bestowed with the CLP GREENPLUS Award – Silver Award by CLP for its effort and contribution in promoting environmental protection.

  • Good MPF Employer

    CASH Group and its subsidiary companies including CASH Algo and Pricerite received Good MPF Employer Awards from Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority for their effort in protecting and enhancing their employees’ retirement benefits.

  • Manpower Developer 1st

    CASH Group, together with its subsidiaries CFSG and Pricerite, were awarded "Manpower Developer 1st" by the Employees Retraining Board for outstanding performance in manpower training and development under the Group's "People-oriented" principle and "Total Caring" culture.

  • Outstanding Partnership Project Award

    Pricerite and 3C Digital received this award in 2006 from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for their community project "Building‧Power", co-organised by Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS), Pricerite and 3C Digital in 2005-06. The project sought to improve the living conditions of the under-privileged families in Hong Kong by carrying out interior renovations, and replacing or providing furniture and electrical appliances where appropriate. Members of the families chosen were encouraged to work with the professionals throughout the designing, planning, discussion and actual work, with a view to boosting their self-confidence and sense of dignity. Over 100 CASH volunteers participated, visiting different districts to help to rebuild the homes of those in need.

  • Caring Company

    As a Total Caring organisation, CASH Group understands the importance of building a harmonious society. Over the years, the Group has organised and assisted numerous charitable activities, providing professional assistance and setting its resources to work on behalf of a variety of community programmes. The Group also encourages staff participation in social service, establishing the CASH Volunteer Team to carry out work on behalf of society and the underprivileged. In recognition of such community involvement, the Group and its subsidiaries, CFSG and Pricerite, have been awarded the "15 Years Plus Caring Company" logo by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, while CAFG has gained the "5 Years Plus Caring Company" logo.

  • Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program – Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award

    In 2010, CASH proudly obtained a Bronze Award in the Services category and a Certificate of Merit in the Volunteer category in the Hong Kong Productivity Council's Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award scheme in recognition of our contribution to the community. As a people-oriented organisation, we established the CASH Caring Committee to cultivate corporate social responsibility in the CASH Group and encourage our staff to contribute to society. It has been highly successful in doing so. The Caring Committee has also driven various directives to achieve our goals as a total caring organisation, including Caring for Employees, Environmentally Friendly Activities and Quality Management.

    CASH is committed to contributing to the community and creating value for our staff. For example, through the setting-up of various education funds, many students have benefited from different training programs and learned to make contributions to society. In addition, CASH Volunteers have actively participated in social service work. With this effective combination of our internal volunteer award system and management support, CASH's caring network looks set to continue to expand.

  • Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence- the class of Excellence Wastewi$e Label

    CASH Group consciously manages our businesses to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment, helping to foster sustainable development for the community. We are committed to reducing pollution, encouraging re-use and promoting recycling. In addition to environmentally friendly measures taken in our offices and retail outlets, we also use a wide range of eco-products, encouraging environmental protection among our stakeholders. CASH Group, together with CFSG and Pricerite, has subsequently received the "Wastewi$e" label in the Class of Excellence.

  • Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence – Gold Award

    As a Total Caring Organisation, CFSG and Pricerite is committed to working with our stakeholders to protect the environment. Pricerite added green colour onto its company logo to raise the concept to a corporate level. Both companies carefully introduced various advanced technologies to facilitate customers, employees and suppliers to show their care and concern on preserving the environment. Pricerite proudly obtained Gold Award in Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (Wholesealers & Retailers Sector) and Silver Award (Shops and Retailers),it also obtained the Bronze Award (Wholesealers & Retailers Sector) in 2019. CFSG awarded Certificates of Merit in Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (Financial, Legal & Business Consulting Services) and (Servicing and Trading).

  • Distinguished Family-Friendly Employers

    CASH Group, together with its subsidiary Pricerite, were awarded the "Distinguished Family-Friendly Employers" under the "Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme " and “Family Friendly Employers Award”, which was organized by the Family Council. The awards recognise the Group and its companies for their being a Total Caring Organisation that pursue family-friendly employment policies and practices.

  • Power Smart

    Pricerite is dedicated to fostering environmental protection. It received a second Runner Up of the Power Smart Biggest Percentage Saver Award (Company Category) in the "Power Smart Contest 2012“ organised by the Friends of the Earth, in recognition of its continuous contribution to effective energy savings.


    As a Total Caring Organisation, CASH Group is committed to the sustainable development of the community, our employees and the environment. We have gained " HSBC Living Business Awards” for many years. CASH Group are bestowed with Long Term Participation Award (2016), Sustainable Business Partners Award (2016), People Caring- Excellence Award(2012, 2013, 2014), the Community Engagement - Merit Award (2012), Green Achievement- Merit Award (2012,2013,2015), the People Caring -Merit Award(2015) and The Best Nominator and Ambassador (2014,2015). CFSG awarded the People Caring -Merit Award(2012,2013,2014, 2016),Green Achievement- Merit Award(2013, 2014,2015, 2016), ESG- Merit Award (2018) and Sustainable Supply Chain Leaders Award (2019).Pricerite awarded the People Caring -Merit Award(2013,2014)and Green Achievement- Merit Award(2013, 2014,2015, 2016) .


    Pricerite gained the honour of "Consumer Caring Company” from GS1 Hong Kong in recognition of its distinguished consumer care. It even received “ Consumer Caring Companies 5 years Award” in 2021.

  • Silver Award for Volunteer Service

    CASH Group is awarded with the Silver Award for Volunteer Service as organised by the Social Welfare Department. It recognises the contribution made by the CASH Group on voluntary service.

  • Youth Employment Home Base

    Committed to contributing to the society, Pricerite was awarded the honourable title of “Youth Employment Home Base” by the Labour Department for recognising their support to Youth Work Experience and Training Scheme (YWETS) as Pricerite provided training places to YWETS trainees, and offered them employment and sustainable career development opportunities upon completion of training.