Dedicated Service

    Pricerite gained the honour of Quality Service Recognition from Hong Kong Retail Management Association. It proves that Pricerite’s excellent quality of service is well received by the public.


    CSFG received The Best One-Stop Wealth Management Service in the EDigest Brand Awards 2022 organised by EDigest in recognition of CSFG’s excellent marketing strategies.

  • Top Breakthrough Exchange Participant – ETF Turnover

    Celestial Securities Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CFSG, is awarded a Top Breakthrough Exchange Participant award by the HKEX (Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd), in recognition of our excellent liquidity growth and fund performance. The award is based on value increase in Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) non-market making turnover from 2018 to 2019.

  • Retail Excellence Award

    Hong Kong Retail Management Association awarded Certificate of Merit to Pricerite in the first Retail Excellence Award to recognize its New Retail development strategy and excellent customer service.

  • Most Outstanding Enterprise Award 2018 - Greater China's Asset Management Expert

    CFSG won the honour of the Greater China's Asset Management Expert in the Most Outstanding Enterprise Award 2018 organised by CORPHUB. It proves that CFSG’s excellent and value-added asset management services are well received by clients in the region of Greater China.


    Pricerite’s staff member gained the Frontline Staff Award (Bronze) in the Outstanding QTS Merchant Service Staff Award 2017 and the Supervisory Award (Gold) and Frontline Staff Award in 2019 from Hong Kong Tourism Board in recognition of Pricerite’s excellent service, as well as its significant contribution to the enhancement of tourism service standards in Hong Kong.

  • Distinguished Trainer Award

    Recognising the quality of Pricerite's trainers, The Hong Kong Management Association awarded Edmond Poon, Assistant Manager, Staff Training & Development of Pricerite the Distinguished Trainer Award in the Award for Excellence in Training and Development 2016, which is the top honour for the local training industry.

  • Service and Courtesy Award

    Highly respected as the Oscar of the retail trade in Hong Kong, “Service and Courtesy Award” organised by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) recognises corporations and salespersons' good performance. Pricerite frontline staff members received the awards since 2005, which prove that our staff are professional and our service is outstanding.

  • Distinguished Salesperson Awards (DSA)

    Staff members from CFSG, Pricerite, and CASH Wealth Management have gained "Distinguished Salesperson Awards" since 2004 from the Hong Kong Management Association.

  • Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Customer Service Certificate of Merit

    In 2006, the Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) awarded Customer Service Certificate of Merit to Pricerite to recognise its quality service.

  • Asia Pacific Customer Relationship Excellence Awards (CRE Awards)

    Pricerite has received these prestigious Asia Pacific customer service honours three times in a row (from 2005 to 2007), providing international acknowledgement of its quality customer service.

  • Retail and Service Energetic Star Awards and Best Potential Salesperson Award

    Two staff members from Pricerite and 3C Digital received the Award of Merit in the Retail and Service Energetic Star Awards 2007, organised by Easy Finder. The Pricerite awardees also received the Best Potential Salesperson Award. This shows the versatility and energy of our frontline staff. It is also further testimony of our accomplishments in staff training and development and our dedication to providing quality service.

  • Hong Kong Service Awards 2009 – Securities Category

    CFSG received the "Hong Kong Service Award 2009" in the Securities category from East Week magazine. The honour recognised the effort that CFSG has made to improve service quality in the sector.

  • Most Reliable Securities Trading Service Award and Best On-line Securities Trading Service Award

    CASH Financial Services Group gained both honours in 2001 at the first Online Financial Services Awards Ceremony organised by IDG World Expo (Asia) Ltd.

  • Top Service Award – Investment Category

    CASH Financial Services Group was awarded the Top Service Award in 2001 by Next Magazine. It was the first brokerage company to receive the award through a readership poll.

  • The Best Online Brokerage

    In 2000 and 2001, the accolade was awarded by, a leading e-rating service company for the Asian internet community, in recognition of CASH's pursuit of quality service.

  • Best Financial Web Site

    In 2000, CASH Financial Services Group received the honour from Media Magazine, an influential advertising and communications industry publication.