Premium Brands
  • The Excellence Brand Award 2018

    Pricerite received The Excellence Home Furnishing Brand Award in The Excellence Brand Award 2018 from PCCW Media Limited. The award recognises Pricerite’s commitment to innovation as well as its excellent performance in marketing and provision of quality products and services.


    CFSG received the Best Comprehensive Financial Enterprise of The Year in the 15th China’s Financial Annual Champion Award organised by the famous Mainland China financial website The honour recognises that CFSG’s quality financial services are adored by the experts and investors in China’s market.


    Pricerite’s online shop gained the honour of Top 10 Quality E-Shop from Hong Kong Retail Management Association which proves that Pricerite’s online shop is excellent, reliable and trustworthy.


    Hong Kong Institute of Marketing awarded CFSG and Pricerite the Market Leadership Award accordingly to recognise CFSG’s outstanding performance in keeping abreast of the investment market pulse and leading the market with technology, as well as Pricerite’s excellent performance in marketing which is adored by the market and customers.


    Pricerite gained the Q-Mark Elite Brand Award from the Hong Kong Q-Mark Council. Voted by the public, the award proves that the service provided by Pricerite is excellent and well received by the public.


    Well received by the market and customers, Pricerite’s branding campaigns with the theme “Small Space: Big Universe” launched in 2015 and 2017 both strengthened the company’s market leadership position. The outstanding branding strategies brought Pricerite numerous accolades, including HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence 2018 – Bronze Award, HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence 2015 – Excellence Award, Citation for Outstanding TV Campaign, Distinguished Marketing Leadership Awards and Outstanding Marketing Professional Awards.

  • Hong Kong Top Service Brand Award, Hong Kong Premier Service Brand Award, Most Popular Service Brand Online and Hong Kong Top Service Brand Ten Year Achievement Award

    CASH Group's philosophy that "customers' interests always come first" brought numerous honours to our Group. Gaining the “Hong Kong Top Service Brand Award” in 2006 as well as the most honoured “Hong Kong Premier Service Brand” and “The Most Popular Service Brand Online” in 2008, Pricerite was further awarded with the “Hong Kong Top Service Brand Ten Year Achievement Award” in 2015, in recognition of the heartfelt service provided by the company in all these years to offer one-stop home furnishing solutions to local families. CFSG also received the Top Service Brand Award in 2007.

  • "Outstanding Quality Tourism Services Merchant" Gold Award

    With Pricerite's excellent management and quality service, it receives the Gold Award at the "Outstanding Quality Tourism Services Merchant" in 2015 & 2013 and "2011 Outstanding Quality Tourism Services Merchant" Silver Award from the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), among dozens of merchants in the category of Department Stores, Home Decorations Products & Personal Care Products. Its outstanding brand is highly recognised in the industry.

  • Tomo Brand Award

    Committed to offering one-stop home furnishing solutions to local families, Pricerite is the first choice of home furnishing specialist for local small/medium size apartments and popular in the market and among the customers. Pricerite gained the Tomo Brand Award from the Apple Daily which recognises its outstanding brand image.

  • The Best Home Product Retail

    Pricerite gained "The Best Home Product Retail" award organised by (Property Website), in recognition of Pricerite's excellent brand and service quality.

  • “Citation for Innovation” and ”Citation for Digital Marketing”

    Pricerite was presented the “Citation for Innovation” and “Citation for Digital Marketing” in HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence 2013. In recognition of its creative “ Pricerite Express” campaign to promote its ”living Smart” image with successful results.

  • Best Hong Kong Brokerage Firm and Best Hong Kong Stock Sales Team

    CFSG received awards of the Best Hong Kong Brokerage Firm and the Best Hong Kong Stock Sales Team from "", a Mainland China online financial platform, in 2013 and 2014 respectively proving that the Group is widely accepted and supported by the financial market and investors in Mainland China.

  • Gold Award “Customer Satisfaction Brand in China Financial Industry”

    CFSG was awarded “Customer Satisfaction Brand in China Financial Industry- Gold Award” , in recognition of CFSG’s leading financial services in China.

  • Consumers' Favourite Hong Kong Brands and The Credible Enterprise of China Accreditation

    Pricerite and CFSG were chosen as "PRC Consumers' Favourite Brands", a scheme organised by China Enterprise Reputation & Credibility Association (Overseas) Ltd. CFSG has also been awarded "The Credible Enterprise of China Accreditation" by the Association in 2010. The awards demonstrate both companies' continuous efforts to build their brands.

  • Most Popular Service Award: Gold Award

    CASH Financial Services Group gained the Most Popular Service Award: Gold Award in both 2008 and 2011 in the Shanghai International Finance and Money Fair. This recognises CFSG’s relentless effort in providing clients with the best possible services.

  • The Most Popular Online Trading Brokerage for Hong Kong Stocks

    CFSG was voted as 2011 "The Most Popular Online Trading Brokerage for Hong Kong Stocks" at The Award is co-organised by leading mainland media including, Beijing Television and 21st Century Business Herald with almost one million users of participated.

  • 2010 Most Popular Investment Organisation in Hong Kong

    CFSG received the "2010 Most Popular Investment Organisation in Hong Kong" from the "", in recognition of the Group’s state-of-the-art corporate system, reputation, credibility, as well as the cutting-edge trading systems.

  • Outstanding Listed Enterprise

    Economic Digest, a leading financial publication in Hong Kong, named CASH Financial Services Group an Outstanding Listed Enterprise three times in a row. The selection of outstanding enterprises is based on various stringent criteria, including Excellent Achievement in Growth, Quality Enterprise Management and Shareholders' Favourite.

  • 2009 Capital Branding Award

    Capital Entrepreneur magazine selected CASH Wealth Management for its "2009 Capital Branding Award" for outstanding achievements in brand building.

  • Quamnet Outstanding Financial Institution

    CFSG's dynamic use of advanced technology and active efforts to open up new business opportunities in China saw the company awarded the "Quamnet Outstanding Financial Institution" in 2009 and 2010 by Quam Limited, for its excellent performance as a role model for the financial services industry.

  • High-Flyer Outstanding Enterprise 2008

    CFSG's ongoing commitment to the use of advanced, innovative technology for its financial products and services saw the company receive the "Hong Kong Business High-Flyer Outstanding Enterprise – Financial Services & Investments" award, jointly organised by Hong Kong Business and Edipresse Group in 2008.

  • Certificate Award for the Best Brand Enterprise

    Awarded to Pricerite by the Hong Kong Productivity Council in 2006 and 2007, the accolade illustrates the company's outstanding achievements in brand building and management in Hong Kong.

  • Best Brand Enterprise Award 2008 (Greater China)

    In 2008, CASH Financial Services Group was awarded the "Best Brand Enterprise Award 2008 (Greater China)" by the Hong Kong Productivity Council for the Group's excellence in brand building and management.

  • Hong Kong and Macau Merchants of Integrity Award

    Pricerite gained this award in 2007 and 2008, which is organised by the Guangzhou Daily and Ming Pao Daily News. This proves that our excellent service is recognised by customers from outside Hong Kong and confirms Pricerite as one of Hong Kong's leading home improvement specialists.

  • Wen Wei Po "Influencing China"Awards

    CFSG and Pricerite have been named "Influencing China – Best Listed Company" and "Influencing China – Famous Original Brand" respectively, showing that their expansion into the China market has been successful and that they are offering quality products and leading services tailored to the needs of clients in the Mainland. CFSG, for example, has set up a comprehensive network of branch offices in major Mainland cities to offer a suite of quality investment and wealth management services to investors in China.

  • Business Superbrands

    In 2006, CASH Group received Business Superbrands accreditation from the Superbrands Organisation in recognition of our outstanding performance in brand management. Business Superbrands are selected by a professional judging panel with a strict evaluation procedure based on market share, position in the market, longevity, unique brand qualities, company size, health and brand management.